The Emme Room-By-Room system is an HVAC zoning system that can work with split systems, roof top units, as well as with VAV boxes in larger buildings. Here's how it works:

1. Wireless Smart Controller

A wireless Smart Controller is placed in every room. This Smart Controller takes a temperature reading every 30 seconds and sends that reading to the Central Controller / Display Unit. The Smart Controller can also be used by the room’s occupant to override the system schedule if necessary.

2. Pneumatic Damper

A rugged, Pneumatic Damper is placed in every duct run. The Pneumatic Damper is connected by plenum-rated tubing to a Master Unit that causes the Pneumatic Damper to either inflate or fully deflate. When inflated, the Pneumatic Damper completely shuts off the flow of air to the register. When deflated, the Pneumatic Damper allows conditioned air to flow.

3. Central Controller - Display Unit

A sophisticated Central Controller - Display Unit receives temperature inputs from all the Smart Controllers and then uses the Pneumatic Dampers to control the flow of conditioned air to make sure the temperature in each room is within the desired set points. Since the Central Controller knows the capacity of the HVAC equipment and the size of each duct run, the Central Controller is programmed to make sure the HVAC equipment always operates within the manufacturer’s specifications for air flow and temperature.

The Emme system works with most HVAC equipment and can be installed into existing buildings without opening walls or remodelling. The Emme system comes complete with a wi-fi enabled web portal that allows building maintenance personnel to remotely investigate complaints and make adjustments to the system, thereby avoiding unnecessary travel. The alert system informs maintenance personnel when the system is operating outside normal conditions so that the system can be repaired to prevent discomfort and the need for expensive emergency service.

Rooftop Units
Controlled directly by Emme Room-By-Room

Split System
Controlled directly by Emme Room-By-Room

Large Central Plants
Central boilers, Cooling Towers, and Chillers

Emme controls the air handlers or VAV boxes:

Directly if no viable existing BMS system
Indirectly by providing control directives to a 3rd party BMS

Large Central Plants No UL New Box.jpg

Rooftop Units with VAV Boxes
Emme controls the VAV boxes

Directly if no viable existing BMS system
Indirectly by providing control directives to a 3rd party BMS

Rooftop Units No UL New Box.jpg



When working together this system can solve even the most complex heating and cooling issues.