"Before Emme, you would put a thermostat in the most problematic room, and everyone else in all the other rooms would just have to get used to it. With Emme, every room gets its own thermostat, so no one has to suffer."

Eric M. Rose
Owner and Founder E. M. Rose Builders


E. M. Rose Builders is a leading construction management firm that focuses on high-end homes in the Connecticut and New York marketplaces and the winner of numerous HOBI awards.
E. M. Rose was tasked with the complete renovation of an 8,000 square foot high-end home that had to be ready for summer which was only 7 months away. The HVAC system was a major challenge. Three bedrooms had full-on glass southern exposures which would experience significant solar gain. There were also two appendages to the bedrooms that had three exterior walls which would cause significant heat loss during the winter. The middle of the home had large public rooms which would be difficult to control. There was also an addition that was too far away from the heating system, and limited ability to get ductwork to that addition. Finally, the project was over budget and costs needed to be reduced.

Emme Solution

With the Emme system, there is a temperature controller in every room of the house, so the system can address dramatic temperature differences, whether it is solar gain or heat loss. Moreover, since Emme can precisely control the flow of air into each room, it was possible to eliminate 2 heating systems for a savings of over $70,000. Emme was also able to eliminate enough ductwork to add a play room and a ping pong / dart room.