Emme Core is an energy management platform that comes with a smart thermostat application that’s redefining the way you control your home environment. More control, timely information, increased efficiency, and improved comfort all packaged in an affordable, expandable, easy-to-use, internet connected device. It’s time to get comfortable and start saving energy.

Save Big by Thinking Smarter


An Advanced Thermal Model
Makes Better Decisions Because it Uses More Information

The Emme Core is the only temperature control solution that uses current weather conditions, forecasts, remote temperature sensors and your home’s historical performance to create a unique Advanced Thermal Model (ATM) tailored to your home. The ATM allows Emme Core to anticipate heating and cooling needs with precision, making smart decisions that allow you to save up to 30%* on your heating and cooling costs.

Save Energy and Improve Comfort Automatically with
"Smart" Features

The ATM utilizes revolutionary “Smart” features that work behind the scenes, around the clock, to keep you comfortable while reducing waste and cost.


Intelligently balances temperatures, increasing comfort, without using your furnace or air conditioner.

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Uses weather and other data along with advanced algorithms to reduce heating and cooling when you don’t need it.

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Works with SmartSetback to maximize your comfort when you want it, while avoiding spending money when you don’t.


Get Access From Anywhere


Turn Up the Heat at Home Before You Leave the Office

Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can change settings or monitor Emme Core from any computer or smartphone with a web browser. Turn up the heat before you head for home or place Emme Core in AWAY mode while lying on the beach. Getting the optimal balance of savings and comfort is easy from anywhere.



Bigger is Better

The Emme Core 7-Inch Touch-Screen is Easy to Read and a Snap to Use

The Emme Core interface is simple and bold so interaction is effortless. The industry leading, seven-inch, color touch-screen is large and easy to read. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard work. Emme Core makes it fun, easy, and engaging.


Expand to Fit Your Needs

A modular design and expandable architecture allows Emme Core to easily adapt to new technologies.

You won’t be stuck with a multitude of different devices that can’t communicate with each other, have unique interfaces, and clutter up your walls. Expanding capabilities, such as electricity monitoring or temperature zoning, is easy. And you can be assured that they’ll always integrate seamlessly into Emme Core. When you’re ready, upgrading is easy through our nationwide network of certified dealers.